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Re: Cardassian society - enforcement or preference?

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Hmm, something strange happened with the principality of Lichtenstein a few years ago. The prince decided he was tired of just being a nominal ruler and he'd much rather govern. He put this in front of parliament. The parliament took a democratic vote deciding to abrogate their democratic powers!! Basically, parliament abolished itself - voluntarily.
I for one do not recognize a legislature's right to do so. The legislative authority by right belongs to the people at large; the people then delegate this authority to the legislatures they convene. If a body of legislators decides they no longer wish to exercise the legislative powers which have been delegated to them, then those powers by right return to the people at large (who would then likely wish to convene a new legislature in some form), not to any executive officer such as a prince. Thus in my view such a vote by definition is a violation of the natural rights of the people of the Principality of Lichtenstein.

By that point you're no longer volunteering for the system, that doesn't alter the fact you freely chose it at one point.
If a parliament choose to dissolve itself and hand over the legislative powers to an executive officer, does it stand to reason that the people have actually chosen this? I think not.
Democratic socialism is the hope of human freedom.
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