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Re: More Star Wars films announced

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It's not new? I don't get it.

In a world dominated by Spider-Man, X-men, James Bond, Avengers, Hobbits and Captain Kirk, I wish you all the luck in your quest.
Yes, but all of those are NEW stories. Not continuations of stories we've already been told. Even a straight up reboot is better than a continuation.

I don't want to see a 40 year old Tobey Maguire swinging webs from the old folks home when Spider-Man is supposed to be a teenager/young adult.

I don't want to see William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy out saving the the galaxy while wearing the same diapers as Picard's grandfather.

As long as they recast James Bond every five movies or so (and they just killed off Judi Dench's M, so that's going to be new next time as well) that keeps his stories fresh.

Tell a story about the Rise of the New Jedi Order, or tell a story about how the Fall of the Empire gives way for some outside enemy that no one knew the Emperor was keeping at bay. But don't give me three movies about Luke, Han, and Leia playing Bridge with Chewbacca while sipping tea and reminiscing about their youth. Take a cue from Obi-Wan in ANH: He sacrifices himself so that the OT is about Luke, not some old dude who can't swing a saber anymore.
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