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Re: Abrams wanted to blow up more than Romulus

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Eh, I always assumed Romulus was screwed over anyway. Even before it got destroyed in XI I always figured what we saw in AGT (Romulus getting conquered by the Klingons) would come to pass.
And looking at STO's backstory and its resemblance to the backstory of the All Good Things future they seem to be operating from that assumption as well seeing

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DalekJim wrote: View Post
I maintain it makes zero sense that Nero plots to destroy Earth and the Federation because the friendly Vulcan that went out of his way to help Romulus arrived a bit too late.
Wheras I say it's more than plausible that, after 200+ years of Romulan/Federation hostility, Nero would conclude that Spock deliberately waited until after Romulus was destroyed to stop the supernova.
Yep, when you think about it the federation gets to survive and one of their major rivals is taken out. I can see where one can be suspicious of that coincidence.
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