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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

I'd watched THE TWILIGHT ZONE on CBS and THE OUTER LIMITS on ABC and loved them both while growing up. There was also the more scary ONE STEP BEYOND and the hot again, cold again THRILLER that was at its best in the horror genre.

I didn't grab onto VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA though. I found the initial premise of drama on a submarine to be not of interest to me. Little did I know that those turned out to be the best of the series. Since I didn't watch it much, I must have missed the more sci-fi episodes that year.

LOST IN SPACE came along, was in a great time slot for me, and I watched it regularly. I hated Smith and wished he would just go away but he never did, and I finally grabbed onto the humor of him and the robot, and stuck with the show through its run, always hoping it would get better, but it rarely did. Even then, I loved the John Williams music.

Fall of 1966 saw the start of two new sci-fi shows on two consecutive nights, STAR TREK on NBC on Thursdays, and THE TIME TUNNEL on ABC on Fridays. My problem with STAR TREK was its time slot - I just wasn't ready to give up on my favorite show of BEWITCHED on ABC, which was on during the second half of STAR TREK. So that first year, I watched a number of first-halves of STAR TREK, never knowing how it ended.

On Fridays, THE TIME TUNNEL really excited me. The pilot was just an excellent hour of television, with a fabulous premise, terrific sets, great cast, and a pretty decent story set aboard the ill-fated Titanic. The following episode featured a flight to the moon, and I was hooked. THE TIME TUNNEL had such great promise, that I was never able to shake its hold on me. It remains a sentimental, if flawed favorite to this day.

In fact, it was a newspaper blurb on the TV page that got me back to STAR TREK. The blurb read: "Fans of TV's TIME TUNNEL will like tonight's STAR TREK..." and went on to describe the outline of "City On The Edge Of Forever". TIME TUNNEL was such a hit with me that I finally bagged BEWITCHED and stuck with STAR TREK. From that moment on, I was a STAR TREK fan for life. But it was TIME TUNNEL that got me there.

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