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Re: Cardassian society - enforcement or preference?

Hmm, something strange happened with the principality of Lichtenstein a few years ago. The prince decided he was tired of just being a nominal ruler and he'd much rather govern. He put this in front of parliament. The parliament took a democratic vote deciding to abrogate their democratic powers!!
Basically, parliament abolished itself - voluntarily. Thankfully a tiny tax-haven of a princedom doesn't have any influence and it matters nothing much either inside or outside of it whether it's ruled by a prince or by a parliament. But I was still stunned when I heard that particular item on the news - it seemed such a retrograde step.

Now I can see perfectly well where at some point in their history, the Cardassian people voluntarily decided to give over all ruling powers to the military - who then refused to ever relinquish it. (Nothing knew in terms of Earth history, at any rate!)
By that point you're no longer volunteering for the system, that doesn't alter the fact you freely chose it at one point.
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