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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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FPAlpha wrote:
Additionally i wonder if they will use this movie to start up the alcoholism character aspect of Stark.
I'm pretty sure that was already started up by the other films, IM 2 specifically. For some reason I think they're probably moving on from it by this point.
How so? The one scene where he gets shitfaced at the party and proceeds to fight Rhodey is a result of his fear of dying and wanting to go out with a bang.

While that has certain psychological elements of alcoholism it wasn't central to his movie or rather people have never called him out for his excessive drinking.. he was just this talented playboy and it was customary to drink with such a lifestyle.

What i'm talking about is real, realized alcoholism.. not being able to function without being buzzed, alienating friends through the abuse and just slacking off. As i said it would be nice to have this explored in future movies but i guess his mental problems in IM3 will be solved by the end of the movie.
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