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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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Sounds to me like they're trying to turn their games into Facebook style social media events. Screw that. I want a game that I can fire up and play to pass the time whenever my internet goes down.

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Diablo III broke sales records and is the fastest-selling PC game in history. So yes, most gamers will take it up the ass, those of us that care about the way these companies treat customers are in the minority. Always-online DRM is here to stay for as long as people keep buying those games.
That just means a lot of people fell for the initial hype. I'm love to know how many people are still playing it.
I've stopped playing after reaching Inferno and getting my ass whooped constantly /and that's been months ago).. gear was not good enough but monsters rarely dropped anything useful besides Potions. So i had absolutely no desire to farm gold and buy better gear through the auction house.
Was a blast though initially and together with some friends over teamspeak was really great.

For whatever reason i'm still itching to buy SimCity.. everything i hear is mostly critical and EA has major troubles getting their crap online DRM to work so people can actually play.

Yeah i know.. i'm pathetic
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