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Re: who the fff... put Troi in that outfit??

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I've heard it said that the costume actually makes professional sense. Putting Deanna in an outfit where her rank isn't thrust in the face of her patients. If they were contstantly being reminded (by the uniform and rank pips) that they're being asked to 'fess to a woman who is their Commander as well as their counsellor, a junior officer might be less willing to go to her with their troubles.

Personally, there's a part of me that kinda wishes they hadn't given her officer rank and put her in a uniform in the pilot episode in the first place. That was the mistake, if anything. The character might have been better served if the implication was of her being essentially an outside civilian in a high position. Of course, it would be hard to accentuate her importance in the ship's hierarchy without showing her rank...
Well, that would be one thing if she spent most of a day in her office, the way Dr Crusher was usually in sickbay while on duty or Geordi (S2-on) was in Engineering. But her main place was right in the centre of the Bridge!

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Captain Jellico would disagree with you.
Jellico said "Standard" uniform. It is possible that her outfit could have been a set of professional attire classified as a nonstandard uniform. No way of knowing that
What the hell is a "nonstandard uniform"?
Anything in the Starfleet handbook as acceptable for certain roles/functions/etc only. Scotty in TWoK wears a non-standard uniform in Engineering, for instance. Dress uniforms (already mentioned) are another good example.
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