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Re: Alternatives to the Cardassians and the Breen

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The Nausicans would actually have been interesting, and it would have been something new for the writers to explore. I could have seen the Dominion trying to maneuver events to force the Klingons into an alliance. Their love of battle and 'win or die' attitude would certainly have served them well, though, they might have proven a bit hard to control.
Yes, the Nausicaans would have been interesting. I wouldn't have said the Klingons before, but you do have a point. Had the Martok changeling been able to become chancellor, it's possible he may have formed an alliance with the Dominion, I suppose. Though, even then, I see it as a long shot. It would take a lot to get the Klingons to join with them and even then the relationship would be more rocky than the Dominion and Cardassians turned out to be.
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