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Re: 911 Operater Pleads With Nursing Home Nurse to Save a Life

There's no DNR on file that's been pretty much confirmed. It has been said that this is "how she would have wanted it" or something like that but that brings up a discussion about what "DNR" means, something a friend and I were talking about the other day.

On that, he training to be a firefighter and has gone through all of the medical-aid classes. One of the things he said that when it comes to DNRs you have to see it to follow it otherwise you work to save the person's life. It's better to get in trouble for saving them than to get into trouble for NOT saving them.

I see this as the same case here people are SAYING that this is what the woman would have wanted but there's no paper to back that up so we only have word of mouth to go on. That shouldn't be good enough when it comes to any investigation on this from the side of the police and authorities. (If the family is satisfied that settles the civil issues.)

If she had a DNR the woman could have said that on the phone, "she has a DNR" but instead she was worried about how long it'd take the ambulance to get there (why worry about that when they can't do anything either?) So the issue he is really the nurses' refusal to save this woman's life. Which they're pretty much duty bound to do being in the medical profession looking at a woman dying and she has no paperwork backing up her wishes when it comes to life-saving procedures.
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