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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

I'm not sure I want either of them (sacrilege I know) although of the two I'd take Boyle.

Boyle is visually a good director, I just find him a bit of a magpie, always lifting stuff from other people/other films, so his stuff always feels a little derivative (Sunshine, starts off as 2010, turns into Event Horizon for no readily apparent reason) and I still fail to believe that no one working on 28 Days Later had read/seen/heard of Day of the Triffids.

Nolan I like a lot, although I find I’m liking him less and less now he has more and more creative control and makes increasingly bloated films. If he could reign himself in then he’d make a great Bond film, I’m just not sure he can. I love the first half of Inception, he just goes too far with it (to quote the language of the film it has one level too many) and whilst Rises was fantastic in places, it was terrible in others with too much story jammed into its long run time. It’s a shame because for a long time Nolan was the one director who never disappointed me.

If it were me I’d get Kenneth Brannagh to do it…

As an interesting Skyfall related side note, I believe Deakins is moving into directing (which could be a fantastic, or might work out like Baird’s stab at direction…)
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