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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Didn't Joss reactive her Shadowcat codename? I am pretty sure she didn't use it for a while and just went by Kitty Pryde.
Oh I know its very common to refer to her by her real name - much like Emma or especially Jean - I just was wondering if it was officially retired.

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post
What the hell is a "Shadowcat" anyway? All of Kitty's codenames suck, but I guess that one sucks the least.
I dunno, maybe it comes from the same place as a Seahawk? I've always really liked the codename myself, I'd probably even call it a favorite. (Of course it also has associations for me with the Mechwarrior verse).

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
I'm guessing it was meant to be play on her first name's nickname and the fact that she can phase through solid objects.
That seems reasonable yeah.
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