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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

Twilight Zone is old and of course very dated in black and white, but the stories still manage to be timeless. Rod Serling was brilliant. I just wish more were made. Same thing with Outer Limits, although I'd say it was a little behind TZ. Definitely not enough episodes made.

I did watch Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea, and at times really enjoyed it. I've seen some episodes now and can't bear to watch it... hasn't held up well at all, IMHO.

Lost In Space was very endearing, seeing it as a child. I so identified with Will Robinson. I've seen some episodes more recently and my eyes are quite different now, but I can still appreciate it. Some of the humor is just so wacky. But you gotta love what Irwin Allen did with what he had available to him.

I was into U.F.O. big time. LOVED it. A buddy of mine and I used to play-act interpreted scenes from the show--I was Foster and he was Straker. For a while, I thought I'd never like Star Trek as much... but then you grow up and realize the quality differences. TOS is far superior to anything else made prior to TNG.

I was into Space:1999, despite all of its glaring flaws. And despite the disaster of Season Two, I continued to watch it and admire the hardware most of all. I pretty much disliked the stories and acting, just ogling over the technological eye candy. In retrospect, watching episodes now I'm left with appreciating only about a half dozen.... so no DVD set for me.

I loved BSG... I couldn't stand Boxy. Frack and Feldkergarb sounded stupid as all hell. Larson made a really half-@ssed attempt at an "alien lingo." But the Cylons made up for a lot of what was wrong with the show, as well as all the Star Wars inspired SFX. To me, it hasn't aged well. I borrowed the DVD set and considered buying my own copy, then decided otherwise.

Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century! Heh... that show had a lot of potential. It started out OK and there were some great episodes here and there. Wilma Deering... yowza. Boy did I ever have a crush on Erin Gray. Well, the series started down a slippery slope and got worse and worse over time. The "reboot" with the Searcher vessel was just plain stupid. I was so disappointed with what they did on that show, baffled as to what producers and executives had rattling around in their detached minds.

TOS is the beacon to vintage sci-fi... nothing really compares, IMHO.
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