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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

I feel a memory where Emma makes fun of how many names she has had, but I'm not certain.

"So I'm a PR stunt?"

"Yes our own poster child, our own unthreatening Sprite, or Ariel, or Shadowcat or whatever unimpressive name you are using now."
Having just read the first issue again, that is the only use of the name "Shadow Cat" in the entire issue (seen above), and when Emma introduced Kitty to the new class a few pages earlier, she referred to her as "Kitty Pride"... Funny? But you would think that Kitty would have gotten a doctorate at some point? She was supposedly a Genius and could have tucked a degree like that under her belt in the 80s before the Professor left earth to screw that alien princess.

When did Beast get his "first" Doctorate?

Advanced placement and accelerated courses are certainly part of the curriculum... More so, with beast, there wasn't enough time in the day to teach him everything he'd learnt, or prove that he had earnt qualification that... The Professor was probably "teaching" him... DUMPING massive amounts of Data into his brain at super speed, that he was learning years worth of text books every hour, inbetween Sentinel assaults.

Is he really so smart, or was his intellect "constructed" like a Frankenstein creature, to replace him should the professor ever be struck down fighting the good fight.

(I've also claimed that his infinity gem reached back in time and made Hank smarter too,)
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