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Re: Why is Neelix allowed on the bridge?

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Because he was their guide.
Seven took over that role. She's the Sacagawea of the Delta Quadrant, using Borg knowledge to relay the same kind of information Neelix could give. In essence, only for half a season they were without a native guide.

That left Neelix to his other role- ship's cook. Cooking for 140ish people around the clock keeps him busy.
...but folks in the Delta Q. aren't going to do trade negotiations with a Borg nor with strangers in uniforms. They will do it with a native to the DQ like a Talaxian. Seven could provide info on each species but It was Neelix who'd they'd sent out to negotiate trade. It was the exact reason Janeway called him Ambassador and put him in charge of ships inventory. Who would suspect Voyager was hostile if they send a kind but a dimwit like Neelix to represent them? People would do trade with him cause he's a nonthreatening native. Trade thru reverse psychology.

Yes, being a cook for nearly 150 or so would keep him VERY busy. It's another reason why supply runs and inventory would be part of his job as well.
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