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Re: Star Trek Insurrection the Dominion War??

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I continue to be amazed at fans that kill Insurrection for being too small and to light, but also don't like Nemesis... So if it's just about the stakes, I don't see how you can criticize both.
Don't think I've seen anyone claim that it's just about stakes. They were both crappy movies, they were just crappy in different ways.
You have to admit though. A lot of the scenes with the ENT crew defending the Ba'ku do look pathetic and unworthy of film. Worf's purple laser bazooka, the jumping stuntmen, Data jumping and rolling action movie style to shoot at a tag drone, Doctor Crusher using a phaser rifle, Ba'ku being all hippy white people and falling over and such while they run. Especially the little kids. GAh there is more but gah that movie kills me with these scenes. NEM's take no prisoners action was much better suited for a film with stakes, NEM just doesn't feel as big as it could've been.
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