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Re: Garak's Thoughts on the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor

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What You Leave Behind did touch on it a little. "Some will say that we got what we deserved." I think he's talking about the Occupation and joining the Dominion.
I don't think that reflected his own opinion, though, it was more of a sardonic comment on how others would react to the destruction of Cardassia. He's seen and experienced people's opinions on Cardassia for years, so he can certainly imagine that people probably wouldn't have much simpathy for them after the destruction of their world. I'm sure he's right, and that there were plenty of Bajorans, and others, that were happy to hear about what happened. Besides, we have seen plenty of examples of people rejoicing at mass death here on our own planet, it's not a stretch to imagine that there were people in the Trekverse that thought that Cardassia had it coming.
"Well aren't you going to congratulate me, Doctor? My exile is now officially over. I've returned home, or rather what's left of it.

"You know some may say that we've gotten just what we deserved. After all, we're not entirely innocent, are we? And I'm not just speaking about the Bajoran Occupation. No, our whole history has been one of arrogant aggression. We've collaborated with the Dominion, betrayed the entire Alpha Quadrant. Oh, oh there's no doubt about it: we are guilty as charged."

I think he's personally disgusted at his whole race. I don't think he's speaking as if "someone might think that."
Wow. I had totally forgotten about that and that episode was so important to me. I do think that, had the Dominion not used the Klingons to attack the Cardassians, then Gul Dukat and those like him might have steered Cardassia in a new pro-Federation direction.
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