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Re: Barnes & Noble Reducing Orders of New Trek Books?

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I'm from Cincinnati. In fact, when the Cincy Joseph-Beth store first opened, I lived just a couple of blocks away from it. I'm a few miles farther away now.

Oh, and the J-B publicity guy has talked to me about the possibility of arranging a signing event for me and other regional SF/fantasy authors at the Lexington store. Nothing solid yet, but hopefully it'll come together before long.
Too funny. I lived in Georgetown and worked at the Toyota plant there before transferring to Indiana 15 years ago. I was just down the road from you. Of course, I didn't know anything of you then...

Keep us informed if you head to Lexington. I could always plan a trip in to visit Mom & Dad. I'd love to get you to sign a book. Well, how do you sign an ebook?

- Byron
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