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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Like Reed Richard's she has transcended code names.

Ariel? Sprite?

Like hell those two names were going to stick.

She's been in four miniseries where the title has always read Kitty Pryde... or Pryde, but that's because they were totally going for a Bronte sisters vibe there. I miss Pete Wisdom. That flag faced ponce is running a British School for Gifted Youngsters but what's Pete up to these days?

Then there's also

Marvel team Up 3 (Volume 2) doesn't have any of the girls names on the cover.

Do any of you remember the debate about Pussy Pride vs Vaginal Hubris from (the sitcom) The league?

Pussy is another word for kitty.

I'm not literally comparing her to a vagina, obviously.

But some of the scrapes this kid gets into, are certainly Pride vs hubris.
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