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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

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How do TOS fans rate the other vintage sci-fi shows? I seemed to like everything I got my hands on:

- LOST IN SPACE, even at its worst, was good for the hardware, the music, and likeable cast. And as an adult, I finally get Dr Smith. Now he's hilarious instead of infuriating.

But I've seen many references over the years to the idea that a lot of STAR TREK fans hate LIS, and vice versa.

- VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, LAND OF THE GIANTS, TIME TUNNEL: I never really got to see these for some reason. I think I would have liked GIANTS the best; that seems like my kind of show.

- Classic GALACTICA and BUCK ROGERS: loved them both as a kid; now I find BSG to have a more timeless quality and more texture, detail, etc.

- MAN FROM ATLANTIS: loved it at the time, now find it less thrilling but still a neat concept, a cool submarine, some good music scores.

- LOGAN'S RUN: I watched it once in first run on CBS, circa 1977, but it didn't make any lasting impressions. I think I liked the android REM, who was a lot like Mr Data would later be.

So how would you as a TOS fan rate these and other vintage shows?
Lost in Space never hit a chord with me. I loved BSG, the Man from Atlantis and Buck Rogers at the time...but now it wouldn't do much for me, though I appreciate BSG's fervor and ambition. Logan's Run kind of bored me.

Right off the top of my head, the only shows pre-1975 that I could say I adored then and still do would be TOS, Twilight Zone and Night Stalker.
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