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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Magneto frakked New York a couple years back, razed all 5 Burroughs... but every other comic book that out that month seemeds to ignore the event.

The Trauma of the Inferno!

Fire Hydrants where bludgeoning dogs to death.

Kang built concentraion camps during the 6 months he ruled America after George Bush signed the US Surrender. Seriously, issue 50ish, George hands over the country because he's a wussy, and then everything carries on as if it never happened... There is no way George would have gotten a second term after losing the war, and losing America.


Two words.

Damage Control.

In 1988 Spider-Man knocked over the World trade Centre.

Damage Control rebuilt it.

IN 1993, Juggernaut knocked over one of the Towers to the World trade Centre.

Damage Control rebuilt it again!

Damage Control RULES!

They don't have to go through time and fix everything in the final issue, sure they can but New Yorkers are hard ass obstinate enough to carry on after the Apocalypse as if it's just a bit of bad weather.
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