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Traffic Violations & Court Appearance

Today I received my first traffic ticket in seven years. The first one I got was back in January 2006 when I got stopped by a sheriff's deputy for not stopping "all the way" while making a right turn against a red light. I ended up going to traffic school afterwards.

This afternoon I was driving on my way home, and traffic was at a standstill, so I was stuck on a railroad track. I couldn't back up; there was no space for me to go forward. As luck would have it, there was an Oakland PD patrol car nearby that signaled me to pull over. The officer said I was not supposed to be blocking the railroad track. (Tell me something I don't know.) He asked for my driver's license, registration, proof of insurance, and shortly thereafter, he gave me a ticket.

Anyway, I'm thinking about contesting the ticket in court. I'm a bit unclear at the moment as to the proper procedure. The citation states that I need to send a written request to the court (via certified or registered mail), and yet I've heard of ticketed motorists who were able to appear in court (walk-ins) and asked the judge for a dismissal or a lower fine. BTW, I live in the SF Bay Area in Alameda County. Has anyone here ever gotten a traffic ticket?

Considering how sad and frustrating this situation is, I'm holding up pretty well. What say you?
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