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Re: Worst acting in Star Wars?

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You guys are crazy. Anything Hamill lacks is from "Youcanwritethisshitgeorgebutyoucan'tsayititis ". The irony being that Ford sold his lines perfectly.
Doesn't that undercut your point? If Harrison Ford was able to sell his lines, that means it's possible to give the lines effectively.


1) I think Hamill does a great job. Acting isn't just line delivery, there's the matter of busy work like when he's cleaning the droids. Yes Luke is whiny a lot. I have no problem with that.

2) Ford doesn't have to say things like, "There's nothing left for me here, I want to go with you and become a Jedi like my father."..minutes after discovering the people who raised him are skeletons. Not to directed...Lucas isn't doing Hamill any favors in that scene.

I also greatly enjoy Luke in the Cantina scene. Especially his work with Ford. "10,000!! We could almost buy a ship for that much....we don't have to take this.."

I really don't understand it when people point to Hamill or Fischer. I think they both do wonderful work in the film.

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