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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

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Didn't get past the second sentence:

Some Lame-o wrote:
The first 15 seconds of beautiful effects of the USS Kelvin in space, include some nice communication chatter that includes “gravitational” readings going crazy and “it” looks like a lightning storm. First, lightning storms do not cause gravitational anything so crazy readings are not what “looks” like a lightning storm, at all.
Is that about the standard? The actual line is "Our gravitational readings are going crazy - you should see this. It looks like a lightning storm." There's no indication that the person speaking believes that "it" looks like a lightning storm because of the readings. Rather, they think it looks like a lightning storm because it, y'know, looks like a lightning storm, and by the way, their gravitational readings are going cray-cray, WTF is this thing anyway?

And yeah, lightning storms don't cause "crazy" gravitational readings. This thing does, though, and it looks like a lightning storm. Which is different from it being a lightning storm. And saying that it "looks like" a lightning storm is different from saying that it appears to be a lightning storm.

Those two sentences are about all I need. Whoever wrote that crap collected their ticket, bought their popcorn and took their seat all with a sneer on their face, eagerly anticipating their own hatred of the film. And surprise, surprise - they got what they wanted.
Instead of looking around for that like button image, I'm just going to type the word LIKE.

We are on the bridge of the evil ship, Capt. Robau answers his captor's question with: "I am unfamiliar with Ambassador Spock." OK, while it may be true, it is unhelpful and an incredibly stupid response that we would not accept from a 19 year old intern answering phones for two-bit software firms in the year 2009, yet this dialogue is supposed to be coming from a ship captain? Did I mention this is not the skipper of a Pentaran mining shuttle? This command sits in the big chair for a top-of-the-line starship on a deep space exploration mission, in a future with what we hope is a passable education system. As might have been said in a performance review feedback for corrective action: "The correct response, Captain Robau, is to offer to assistance in finding the information or a resource that can provide an answer if there is one, or offer assistance in formulating options if there an answer is unavailable. Is that clear?"

For no reason, the Romulan then asks: "What is the current stardate?" which is beyond explanation.

during which we have a few seconds to contemplate the birth of James Kirk, which was previously in Iowa. I would love to ask the writers why they felt it necessary to change his birthplace

...and of course the derp goes on and on. But my favorite bit out of all of it has always been the completely insane drive-by attack on "these are the voyages" right at the end:
As we cut to an external shot, old Spock reads "Space, the final frontier.* These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise, her ongoing mission, to explore strange new worlds, (Do we ignore the new worlds that aren't strange enough?), to seek out new life forms, (Is this a clarification to prevent us from seeking life without form?), and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before."
Burnt synapses, indeed.
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