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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Yeah, my collecting is kinda eclectic.

My main focus is superheroes, and that's easily what I have the most of, but I'm not above grabbing anything that catches my fancy. DC Universe Classics (now Unlimited) and Marvel Legends are my favorite lines. I've got some figures based off of video games, and various movies, and a good amount of Star Wars. I do have quite a few Hot Toys, though I've moved away from that quite a bit due to the escalating price. The Avengers are the only thing I'm got coming down the pipe from them right now.

I think it's great the variety of collecting we see in here. You've got people like me who buy a bit of everything, and people like eddie who buy a lot of a specific area. There's more than one way to collect.
Yeah I've noticed that the Hot Toys figures have really jumped in price. I'm late to the game so my Avengers set will be incomplete. I missed Hawkeye and Nick Fury (and refuse to pay ebay prices). But I'm looking forward to Thor, the Mark VII Iron Man and Tony Stark. I have not decided if I'll get Coulson. I kind of want a Batmobile (the coming 66 version in particular) but they are huge and way expensive.
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