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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Well, he obviously either a) doesn't find redemption or b) his redemption is saving Sheridan and delenn from himself at the end.
Well, I think "b" is partially true, but then there's also option c) his redemption involves something you haven't seen yet, but still fits into this continuity. JMS' own quote on the matter:

It's a literary...I hate to say the word trick, but it's the most descriptive. You show somebody the end right off the bat, as we did with the Londo/G'Kar scene. But how do we get there? What happens? Yes, the war is eventually won...but what *was* the price? And what does it mean to everyone involved? The best magic is when it's right there in your face, and you can't see how it's being done.
That said, I do think there might be some episode of Season 5 you won't love... and I'm not talking about the weak early half.

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There is no mystery about what he'll do. He'll side with the shadows until the very end. The only question is how G'Kar got into his palace to kill him, but at this point I'll just assume he was Londo's slave.
Aaah, so hard to respond to this without spoilers! All I can say is keep watching, it's not what you think (hope that itself isn't a spoiler). And there might be a few clues in this very episode.
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