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Re: Federation is inhumanly benevolent

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Now I love TOS and Trek as a whole but whenever I see Kirk frustrated and strained, trying to negotiate with some backwater, violent and savage aliens over resources even after he has been tricked, captured, disarmed, and beaten when he could simply take what they needed without all the belief is suspended indefinitely.
If you think TOS would be improved by Kirk simply taking whatever he wants, whenever and wherever he wants -- then you not only do not understand "Star Trek," you don't understand dramatic storytelling.

For one thing, each episode would be three minutes long: Kirk wants, Kirk takes. The end.

For another, our heroes would be detestable.

I also object in the strongest possible terms to your judgement of even fictitious societies. You apparently never took frehsman anthropology. The term "savage" in academic studies went out with the Model T. Well, at least the Edsel.

Or -- to put it into current terms -- should we exterminate every "backwater" South American tribe that happens to sit upon resources that we crave? What gives us the right?

You have an extraordinarily imperialist view.
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