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Re: Enterprise Open: Alternate Version

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Sfx are a bit much. There are too many quick cuts to establish any real aural recognition. Just too much going on. Theme, graphic, credit, sfx. Too busy.
This, and the transition from "Archer's Theme" to the "M12, 13, 14" track from "These Are The Voyages..." is really clumsily pasted together.

The other thing to consider is that "Archer's Theme" doesn't quite match up to the visuals presented in the Enterprise opening. The music is more home-y and hopeful, familiar and comfortable, while the visuals suggest new frontiers and exploration. The juxtaposition of the two is a tough sell, in my opinion, when mashed together this way.

A few years ago, someone re-cut the visuals of the opening and slapped on the theme from Stargate Atlantis. That video had a lot of issues (nothing but visual effects, barely readable (and inconsistent) titles and fonts, and only featured Archer, T'Pol and Trip) but Joel Goldsmith's soaring score for that theme was quite apropos I thought.
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