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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Well, he obviously either a) doesn't find redemption or b) his redemption is saving Sheridan and delenn from himself at the end. I was really hoping the psychic woman was full of it. Having the actual future told seemed like an idiotic plot point. Also, I don't care that G'Kar kills Londo. What I do care about is knowing that Londo will never stop being an ally with the shadows until about 17 years after the events of B5, and only then after his world is trashed. He doesn't even have the opportunity to have a change of heart, which is all I want. Even if he ends up not learning his lesson, I atleast wanted the chance that he could turn from the dark path he set out on. Now, I know he definately won't. I really wish I had skipped these episodes. They were good, but not worth ruining Londo's story arc. Are there any other episodes that tell the future? I legitimately want to know, because I want to skip them (and I haven't wanted to skip any B5 until now). I'm actually pretty angry about this. If I wanted spoilers, I'd look online. I didn't know that some episodes of the actual show needed a spoiler warning
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