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Re: Data and killing

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First of all, I'm sure Data can recognise a power level adjustment knob when he sees one.
I guess Varon-T disruptors must only have one setting.

Secondly, a solid metal deck plate will be more resistant to such effects than a flesh and blood body.
... he theorised, possibly inaccurately.
In any case, if Fajo had that beam anywhere near him, he'd run away from it.
Unless he closed his eyes so that his reflexes couldn't betray him.

Fajo explicitly states what it is and what it does, and you say we have no basis to make that assumption? he clearly states that it works by impeding positron flow. So why do you think an object that has no positrons would be influenced in any way?
He says that it impedes positron flow. He doesn't say that impeding positron flow is all that it does. For instance, doctors heal broken bones. This doesn't mean doctors are useless if you have a viral infection.

Tiberius wrote: View Post
And anyway, if Data was smart, he'd position himself close to something he could use.
If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle. You're still assuming that there's something in the vicinity which is neither too light to be effective nor too heavy to be non-lethal.

If worse comes to worse, he could bend or break the weapon he is holding so it stops working and then use THAT to knock Fajo out. Pitch it like a Baseball. I'm sure Data of all people would be able to give it a lot of impact.
Unless it would explode if he did that.
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