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Re: Mirror Universe Janeway

My horribly abrasiveness self gratifying fanfiction story has taken an unusual turn with the addition of new character called Commodore Kathryn Johnson. have you never considered what would have happened if Kathryn had stayed in the Alpha quadrant and married Mark? taking his name is the very deah of her identity as surely as swallowing on a phaser.

The TNG Novel where Picard meets a Terran Empire version of his Enteprise had Regular Picard is pretending he was the enemy captain in the enemy camp rumaging through his enemy's enemy readyroom and the enemy book shelf...

Just for a break from the super wierd Picard reads a couple verses out of Bill Shakspeare's the Merchant of Venice, and Antonio is saying "You can take a pound of my flesh, but you can't tak a drop of my blood!" whereafter the mirror judge from this mirror play on the matter says "Bullshit! Open him up and cut out as much as you want."

The moral cision between mirror and regular is on a genetic level and it has possibly been in effect sine the beginning of 2001 when that monkey bashed his neighoiur with some poor bastards sun bleached femur.
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