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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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Spiner, I agree with the comments here. His constant sarcasm makes him come off as a jerk. I had a cast picture where all the cast up to that point had dedicated the photo to me (Stephen). When I asked him to do the same, he stated, "Because, just what the photo needs is another "To Stephen." I wanted to say, for $30 be glad I'm not asking for "Ode to Spot."
It's settled. He is such a c0ckface.

I'm surprised that so many people had a bad experience with Dorn. He was extremely nice to me and other people who were around me. He didn't even question me when I requested a "Perhaps today is a good day to die!" inscription
on my "First Contact" poster. Imagine if I had requested an 8-word inscription from the Spiner c0ckface.
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