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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Also, I know this was some belief vs faith deal
Which IMO, this episode fails at. It tries to tell the classic story of religious fanatics intrepreting their holy words as an excuse to brutalize their unbelieving enemies, even though there is nothing in said holy text condoning murdering and being nasty. Indeed, Tomin seems conflicted when the Prior uses the passage as about the line in the sand to justify eradicating the village, which sickens him to think the Prior can pervert the good words of the gods as an excuse to do something so horrible.

That's all well and good and they're obviously making commentary on similar incidents on Earth where great tragedies have ocurred due to religious fanatics re-interpreting their teachings. But it has no real relevance here. We know the Ori are evil and would condone the brutal murder of inoccents who don't believe in them. It just so happens the Book of Origin is worded in a way that leaves things open to intrepretation.
I'm not sure what you mean. From the perspective of Tomin or any modern day monotheists it's the same situation, the only difference being that his "Gods" actually exist. The Ori aren't 'evil', they actually started out with the best intentions according to Merlin, which is of course when Origin would have been created.
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