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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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I've been regretting for decades that the various makeup creators on TMP, the later movies, and the later TV series kept making up new aliens instead of revisiting what their predecessors had created. We've gotten so many aliens that were seen once and then never used again. It undermines the believability of Trek as a consistent universe. I would've liked to see more ongoing coordination, a commitment to developing the species that had already been introduced rather than making up new ones at random.
Ditto - loved Ex Machina.

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by making Robau a man, by making Olsen a man
You would have freaked if those female characters got killed over males.

by making Keenser a male
Canonically, do we know that? Might Keenser be some other gender?

featuring a nameless male Vulcan instead of T'Pau
Then you missed seeing the rescued female. I'm sure I saw one - and I hoped, at the time, that she'd be revealed to be T'Pau.
Lol - no I'm quite happy if men and women get bumped off in equal numbers Canonically I'm not sure if Keenser even has a gender; in the comics he's a dude. And of course I spotted the Vulcan Elder! Plenty of opportunity to give her a name check but she's such a great character it would have been a waste. Chapel was just a tease.
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