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Re: Home Theater in a Box or not...

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

I'm leaning towards a HTIB because much like Robert Maxwell I am incredibly lazy.

Mr. Laser Beam and Asbo, I was considering a soundbar but I couldn't find any I liked. I went to the local Electronics Express and the only one I found that impressed me was a Bose soundbar set up for $2000, which I'm definitely not in at that price!

Speaking of 5.1 Asbo, it reminds of my first tv I ever purchased when I moved out on my own. It was a 27' Toshiba with "3D" sound. And I don't know how it did it, but it somehow managed to project the sound in a way that I honestly thought there were sounds going on behind me because of it. Best tv I've ever owned.

Now Scout, that's an idea. I have seen some sound sets for around the same price as an HTIB and for $70 more I can get a blu ray player as well. May need to research that some more.

Again, thanks all!
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