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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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Additionally i wonder if they will use this movie to start up the alcoholism character aspect of Stark. It seems he's really torn up mentally after the Avengers movie and he always was quite the drink guy in the movies so it would be a good opportunity to lay the groundwork of Iron Man 4 if it will happen (and i guess it will even if Downey gets sick of the role which he's not even hinted at.. he seems to enjoy Tony Stark).
I don't know. I know it's an iconic part of the comics, but I think it's probably TOO serious a topic for a big budget superhero movie to tackle.

Audiences still want to laugh and have fun with this character, and it'll be kind of hard to do that if he's a sad and pathetic drunk lying to everyone around him like Denzel Washington's character in Flight.
Yea my wife, who LOVES the first Iron Man, HATED IM2 just because of the way tony acted when dealing wiht the paladium poisoning and being the drunk jerk at his birthday party.

But given that it's a hero movie the script will surely call for Tony to get rid of it(sober up/realize his mistake just in time to win the final battle.

Now i don't expect a hardcore treatise on alcoholism ala Leaving Las Vegas but it would be a good way to "burden" Tony with another obstacle to overcome. Of course that depends on how IM3 plays out and if Tony overcomes his anxiety and mental problems (which i guess he will).

Still would be a fine nod to the comics and a good way to show that our hero can overcome any obstacle (and i found drunk Tony Stark hilarious.. the guy is a party animal when he's sober so imagine him drunk ).
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