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Captain Kirk's fliwer

KIRK: Wheels, Mister Spock.
SPOCK: A fliwer, Captain.
KIRK: Key in the ignition. Turn the ignition on. And nothing happens. Where's the starter? There's the starter. Yes!
SPOCK: Interesting.
KIRK: (pushing the gear lever and making grinding noises) Oops! Gears.
SPOCK: Yes. Oh. I believe they had a device known as a clutch. Clutch, Captain. Perhaps one of those pedals on the floor.
KIRK: (puts it quietly into gear) I kind of like this. I'm going to get one myself.

Trekcore just posted new rare photos for March
and this one really blew me away

I'm still speechless.

There has been another one (Kirk standing with one leg on the vehicle) I've desperately tried for years to get a hold of, but the one Trekcore posted is even better and absolutely fantastic.

The only thing that's apparently not so great is the background. Maybe some Trek BBS members with photoshopping skills might want to do something with this great shot.

Kirk riding through the streets of 23rd Century San Francisco?

Kirk riding through the desert of Altair IV?

Well, you get the idea. Many thanks to Trekcore for making this shot available, enjoy!

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