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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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The Quest pt 1 and 2: That was a rather classic tale with an ending full of suspense.

I liked the random transporting to new planets. It's reminding me of some scene in some other show where people are rapidly moved through places which change suddenly, some of them very inhospitable. Can't quite recall what it is, unless I'm just inflating All Our Yesterdays and the changing scenes in the portal.
Perhaps The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon? They would open doors and the doors would lead to a new location in the city, and it also involved a chase through such doors.

Wormhole, I agree with your take on that. It's like the writers were a bit confused about whether they were portraying an evil religion with evil gods or a religion which was evil because it had been corrupted, both common themes in Stargate but ones which shouldn't be mashed together because it doesn't work. Perhaps they needed Origin to have some good elements to explain why some like Tobin wouldn't see how evil it was and would argue that it's <i>supposed</i> to be good and just.
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