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Re: 911 Operater Pleads With Nursing Home Nurse to Save a Life

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URL=""]Excerpted from Wiki:[/URL]

In the common law of most anglosphere countries, there is no general duty to come to the rescue of another. Generally, a person cannot be held liable for doing nothing while another person is in peril. However, such a duty may arise in two situations: (cut)
This surprised me, because here in Italy failing to provide assistance (i.e. calling the cops or an ambulance) is a criminal offence. Reading the article, the divide seems to be common law (UK and US) vs. civil law (continental Europe). Weird.

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You can educate people but you can't compel them to help one another, any more than you can force people to love one another.
But you can compel them to call 911 if they witness an emergency. You don't need to love for that, just a cell phone.
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