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Re: Doctor Who in the Star Trek universe

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as others have said, there is no concept of an officially sanctioned canon in Doctor Who
I disagree, there was until the 2005 series
Indeed? Could you point me towards it please?
Sure, just go and watch classic Who.

My point is far more evident when you take into account that Moffat has literally had events in his series erase prior timelines to support the theory that there is no canon.

Whether there's a canon or not, in this sense it's undeniably true that the Cushing films were not part of the same universe or time line as the television series, nor were they depicting the same character.

Also, in An Unearthly Child:
"We are not of this race. We are not of this earth. Susan and I are wanderers in the fourth dimension of time and space."
"Now you are asking me to sabotage that achievement, to send them back into the dark ages of superstition and ignorance and fear? No!"
~ Captain Jean-Luc Picard
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