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Ah yes - I might be getting ahead of myself. Marcus as first officer of the Enterprise is mentioned in the prequel comic. Some are speculating that Peter Weller will turn out to be Carol's Dad.
It would be nice if we could just stop treating speculations, rumors, and guesses as though they were worth basing any conclusions on. It's only two months and change until the movie comes out, and there are going to be advance reviews and press coverage before then, so it won't be long until we get genuine answers. And then most of this speculation is going to look pretty silly. At this point it seems better just to have a little patience, since the actual facts are so close now.

The race issue can be frustrating too but equally we have an alien desert with only a handful of aliens being present at graduation.
We saw a lot more Starfleet aliens in this movie than we ever saw in TOS, even if they were just background extras.

It would be nice to see some more new characters from some of the classic TOS races though.
Don't Orions count as a classic TOS race? And there was a redesigned Gorn in the deleted Rura Penthe scenes from the '09 movie.
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