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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

War Without End Part 2 - Another great episode, but with a big flaw (that doesn't effect my enjoyment of this episode, but messes up the rest of the show from now until the end). The future Sheridan visits is very screwed up. If this future is unavoidable (and they say outright that it is), that sucks. Why set the future in stone? Now I know, whatever happens, that Londo and the centauri are screwed, and Sheridan can literally do nothing. Londo will just keep going until he becomes emperor, and a puppet of the shadows, then he'll be killed by G'Kar. Knowing how stuff like that means that there will be no more suspense with Londo. I know what happens to him (and it sucks) and, while he's still awesome, he now doesn't even have the chance of redemption in the show, since we know he stays with the shadows now until right before he dies. This was just a horrible idea, and its the first time I can say that, in my opinion atleast, JMS screwed up big time. I mean, you can still wonder what "sacrifices" it will take for them to beat the shadows, but you know, for sure, that they win, and do it fairly well. How would you do this? I mean, I always assumed that B5 wouldn't end with everyone dead and the shadows winning, but ruining Londo's whole story arc is just stupid, and outright saying everything turns out well in general is also stupid.

Besides that, this episode itself was good. I liked how it tied in to the first B4 episode from season 1. I figured Sinclair would go to the past, but turning into a Minbari and being revealed as valen was interesting, and a nice send off for him. The two vorlons with him when he revealed himself to the minbari was cool. Overall, this was a good two parter, but with bad consequences for the rest of the show. I can just hope that JMS uses the power of ignoring continuity and does change the future (which he would have to do, since they literally left themselves with no way to change the future without contradicting what they've already said). I'll still really enjoy Babylon 5, its an awesome show. But, going forward, at the very least everything with my favorite character is colored by the fact that I know how his character arc ends already. I just wish I knew why JMS thought it was a good idea. Is Londo about to leave the show? Did his actor hint at wanting to leave, so in case he did leave they did this so you'd already know what happens to him if they have to write him out of the show? I don't know, it just seems like doing this does nothing to help the show, and just removes all the suspense from an ongoing character plot.
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