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Re: Nolan now in total control, and Bale will return as Bats

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I stopped reading at:
"What made Nolan's Batman trilogy so iconic was the fact that we were able to relate to Bruce Wayne and his world."

Do people REALLY still think this? That it's impossible to fit Superman into a world where a man dresses as a bat and glides around a city, drives cars ON TOP of rooftops, has the technology of the Enterprise and is easily able to recover from a broken back by doing the complete opposite of what common sense can dictate? All the while trying to fight off villains using microwave weapons to release fear gas into a city, ancient warrior clans and men dressed as a clown that are basically psychic and can know what the hero is going to do before the hero even knows?

This isn't the world I've grown up in, not even close.

I like these movies as much as anybody, for real, but this isn't a documentary and I don't understand why people try to convince themselves otherwise. It's as grounded in reality as Iron Man and any other superhero movie. I'd argue less so than even Burton's Batman! But there's nothing wrong with that!

Bring in Superman. Bring in GL and Flash. It can all work. And if it's a well made movie, nobody except 12 nerds will fold their arms and say "This can't be! Batman is real and Superman is not!!"
There is a fundamental divide here, and it's the dude who flies and has heat vision.

Yeah, driving a multi-ton tank on rooftop was dumb. Yeah, the magic chriopractor in Bane's prison made very little sense. However, these things stretch our reality, but they don't break it. A flying alien who looks human and is oddly anonymous despite the fact he looks exactly like a certain nebbish newspaper reporter is that bridge too far.

Yes, a version of Batman can (and does) work in a world populated by aliens, magic and countless super-powered heros and villains. That Batman is not Nolan's.
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