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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Reeve's flying scenes (atleast in the first few movies) worked well. Regardless of MoS effects, Superman has been done justice in live action before, and probably won't be by MoS.

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Good job not giving any credit whatsoever to Zack Snyder, you know, the director of the film. Once again, Nolan did just re-writes on the script prior to production on the film. That's pretty only the direct influence from him that I'm aware about, aside from helping hire Snyder as well of course.
Ok, three of the four producers on MoS (Christopher Nolan, Emma Thompson, Chris Roven) worked on BB, TDK and TDKR (the fourth is Snyder's wife, and Emma Thompson is Nolan's wife, you have to love the nepotism with these guys). The writer of Man of Steel wrote (David S. goyer) wrote Batman begins, The Dark Knight and TDK Rises with Nolan (well, the story, the screenplay was Nolan and his brother). Its not just Nolan, this whole movie is filled with the idiots who made the Nolan movies. Not even a great director could outinfluence these people, and Snyder seems like a decent (but not great) director, but he's no match for these guys, if he even wanted to be. You're assuming that Snyder doesn't share Nolan's horrible outlook on superhero movies (that they need to be long, slow, boring, badly written and badly acted). I don't think Snyder will be any help to the quality of the movie. He will either outright make it worse, or not effect the outcome at all. Its a Nolan movie, plain and simple.
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