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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I don't hate everything I don't read, but everything I don't read or hate is just garbage.
uh... what?
For example, the current Green Arrow comic isn't something I hate, but it sucks. So does Justice League Dark, Animal Man (which is easily the most overrated New 52 comic, I might have liked it more if the artist could draw a coherent scene, instead of making me wonder what the hell was going on all the time), Swamp Thing, Birds of Prey, etc. I've atleast tried a lot of the New 52, and the vast majority just sucks.

As for the WW love, like I said before, there have been worst arcs. Still, compared to the awesome Wonder Woman runs (by people like gail simone and the post COIE run with George Perez) this run sucks. I'll admit the whole "confused about the real world" thing probably came mostly from Justice League, but it was still boring, Wonder Woman is written to be more violent then a rabid klingon, and the art is bad. Not the worst art ever (the guy can't match JRjr, Liefeld, or Frank Miller in the horrible art category) but its very mediocre. I never get why companies give high profile books to bad artists. I literally can't read Captain America right now because JRjr's art makes my eyes bleed, its even worse than his Avengers work (and the guy doing the main Avengers book is also horrible). DC has kind of improved because Liefeld is gone, but while their bad artists aren't quite as bad as marvel's bad artists, DC has more of them (and more just mediocre ones). To be fair, DC has great artists (like the guy drawing Batwoman, although I would love to see the book with a coherent panel structure and not a series of sometimes hard to follow two page spreads, literally my only complaint aboiut that book is that sometimes it gets really hard to read a page) and some good artists, but it also has a lot of not memorable, mediocre and downright bad artists.
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