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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

I am in full support of Abrams doing Star Wars. I really don't see an issue, but I do respect that there's always been a lot of loyalty between fans of either franchise. I never understood the desire to choose one over the other personally. I love Star Trek and I love Star Wars. I'm an anomaly I guess, because I enjoyed the prequels as well. Even Jar Jar, but I see Jar Jar differently through the eyes of my 3 year old son. He looooooves Jar Jar. If he deems something cool, I support it!

I wasn't sure about Abrams at first doing Trek, but when I saw the movie here in DC at the Uptown on opening night, it was magic. The crowd was full of fans, and it was a great great evening. I trust him with Star Wars too.
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