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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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I never tried any SimCity games beyond SimCity 2000. Did they really improve? I remember seeing the "future" graphics pack add-on for the original and it blew my mind.
SimCity 3000 feels exactly like a sequel to 2000, better graphics, and more things to build and a large land, really makes the city feel alive.

4 I haven't played too much, but it feels like there is too much in it.

I still play 2000, I'd play 3000 but I have a Intel Mac and don't know how to make it run.

I still play Animal Crossing for the Gamecube 11-12 years later, no need for servers to crash, be hacked, or shut down. I turn on the power and have the memory card in and my village is still there. We shall see where this SimCity is in 11-12 months.
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