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Re: Shatner calls Abrams "A Pig."

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I cannot believe the blasphemy on this thread concerning the god father, without which there would be no board to post on.

Shatner is Jim Kirk, Pine (who does a great job) stars as Jim Kirk.

Just like Nimoy is Spock, and quinto is horrible.

So if the Don says Abrams is a pig well then there you have it, he's a pig. Of course he was joking and it was half quoted but even if he wasn't you better recognize all the glory that is Bill Shatner. I can't believe that people would say such bad things about the greatest thespian of the past 3 generations.

I must offer a counterpoint.

Shatner *was* Kirk. He retired from the role in Generations.

Now Pine is Kirk, and will continue to be Kirk for many years to come.

Nimoy still is Spock, and Quinto is also Spock. I love Quinto's performance. I don't want to convince you it's awesome if you're not a fan. That's your opinion and I respect it, but I *love* Quinto and Pine's interpretations of two characters I grew up with.

Even my father who watched TOS when it originally aired loves the new movies.

I hope one day you may enjoy Abram's interpretation on our favorite franchise. LLAP!
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