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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Book One - Chapter Five

Introduction to a day dream.

My next morning work load felt as long as last night’s run around.

After reporting to the Bajoran Embassy and asking them to contact Captain Hayes, at Luna port; I gave them my recommendations about the Klingon freighter and its crew.

I also updated them on my slow progress of recruitment for the Grayson team advisory crewmembers.

It seemed that I had just got to sleep, when it was time to head back to my office.

After about two cups of coffee, and a bagel, in my office, I was ready to start handling all the messages that were flashing on my terminal.

One was from Don Murdoch to say that he, and Pete Murray, and nine more people would be reporting in within a day or two.

They would then be able to start assisting with ground preparations for the Grayson’s refit, and stocking.

I expected a lot of the shuttles, and equipment, we needed has been sitting here at the depot for a couple of years.

They all needed to be inspected and repaired as required.

Don reminded me that we needed more help, than just the advisory crew, to do all the work that he thought needed to be done.

I replied that when I contact the Bajoran Embassy with my daily status report.

I would inform them that they should start rounding up their returning Bajorans, and send them to the Depot for some kind of processing.

That way we could see what they could actually do besides lifting, and hauling, in assisting us in getting the Grayson’s equipment up and ready.

Another message was from Ron Thornton.

He told me almost the same thing about getting additional salvage and recovery personnel.

He had no additional volunteers to date.

I replied, and asked him to contact Engineer headquarters and ask Commander Turner for permission to recruit personnel from the Star Fleet separation station at San Francisco, and if need be the disciplinary barracks section, as long as they were minor offenses, such as base AWOL, and unable to cope with military discipline.

Maybe even some personnel with minor physical problem, that wouldn’t allow them stay on active duty, would be eligible.

Ron later replied that he would give Commander Turner a call to try to get as many able bodies as he could and get back to me.

He also suggested that someone else will have to give the new hires, the more through psyche testing, than he would be able to do.

The rest of the message mail was from personnel in the various sections at the Depot, all wanting to know who the hell Mr. Og was, and what was he doing ordering and requisitioning all sorts of things.

I replied to all queries that Mr. Og was my acting Supply Officer, and that he was only supposed to be checking his requirements list with base availability and serviceability.

They were told not to issue anything to him without a request with my signature on it, which would probably mean, not until the Grayson is in orbit.

Any further questions about Mr. Og they were to give me a call.

I reasoned that if anything was to be issued to Og beforehand it would probably end up on the black market some place, because he was in debt up to his eyeballs.

I was starting to get another head ache.

I was beginning to feel like a one legged man at a polka party.

My agreement to be a technical advisor was turning into a large management problem.

I was pondering the wonders of my universe on the room ceiling, when I had a knock on my office door.

That was strange because everybody else just barged in.

I yelled, “Come in”.

Boy was I in for a surprise. In walked a long legged beauty, wearing a red dress and a small jacket that didn’t hide her figure one bit.

She had on a pair of sunglasses and a small brief case.

I thought it was a bill collector from Vegas looking for Mr. Og; I was wrong.

It was Be’nen Tash, a member of the Vulcan Embassy Public Relations staff.

I’ve seen her off and on for about twenty years on the video, on the net and in magazines and what newsprint we had today.

She was a leading spokes person on just about any subject the Vulcans cared to share with Earth and the rest of the Federation council.

She had been on more talk shows that I could really remember.

For an old gal, she was at least as old as I was, she was in great shape.

Her photos didn’t do her justice.

What I wouldn’t give to have seen her in a bikini, she was that great.

That would never happen with most Vulcans.

All things aside though, if there was a woman that got a man’s’ juices flowing it was her.

I was really impressed.

She first asked if I was Captain Thomas of the Grayson/Bajoran project.

I manage to say that I was Michael Thomas, technical advisor for the Bajoran salvage and recovery project.

The Grayson’s captain would be a Bajoran, and that I wasn’t sure who that was at the moment.

“Can I help you, ma'am,” I asked?

“Yes sir. My name is Be’nen Tash,” and she shook my hand as she introduced herself

“I would like to submit my application for a position on the Grayson.”

I must have goggled.

“You what; I’m sure I don’t understand, could you please explain what this is all about?”

To say that I was a little taken aback was to say the least.

I had to sit down.

“You better have a seat Ms. Tash and tell me what this is all about”, I asked.

“There are certain times when a person needs to make changes, Mr. Thomas. For me this is one of them. Please review my resume."

"I have seen that you are trying to fill positions on the Grayson."

"I am sure I can qualify for several positions that you have listed”.

She then handed me her PADD, sat down in the chair in front of my desk, crossed her legs beautifully, placed her elbow on the arm of the chair and with her hand under her chin she displayed fully her amused smile that she was so famous for.

She was not called the smiling Vulcan for nothing.

You just could never catch a Vulcan smiling. Yet there she was looking like Mona Lisa.

I picked up her PADD.

Her resume was as impressive as I expected.

A Vulcan Academy graduate with degrees in Interplanetary Relations and psychology, a licensed interplanetary shuttle pilot, a Lieutenant Commander in the Vulcan Militia, member of the Vulcan representative to the United Federation of Planets, public relations staff.

She also studied linguistics at University of California at San Francisco.

She obviously had been a very busy Vulcan.

I took another long look at her and said, “I’m afraid I can’t help you”.

“First of all Ms. Tash this is a Bajoran mission, The Grayson is a Bajoran ship and I am only their technical advisor."

"All the ships regular officers will be Bajoran and I personally think they will not want to hire a Vulcan for what is essentially a trash collection mission”.

“You are probably more qualified than their mission Captain would be, Ms. Tash. It would be an obvious conflict of personality’s right from the beginning."

"I’m sorry but I can’t recommend that I forward your request to the Bajoran embassy. I’m positive it would be rejected.”

The smile on her face disappeared for a moment. She then cocked an eyebrow, reset her smile and said sweetly; “Are you sure you couldn’t find any place for me to serve, Captain? It would mean,” she hesitated, “such an opportunity for change for me.”

She then leaned forward over the desk and smiled sweetly to me and said; “I would appreciate any of your efforts in my behalf.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Tash. I’m only hiring engineering advisory staff that will act as a skeleton crew to get the Grayson to Bajor."

"The only way I could see you being allowed on board now is if you were married to one of the crew members.”

“And what does that mean Sir!” she asked.

“Well I am allowing married couples on board for the three year mission."

"Spouses will be given positions that they can reasonably fill, or be trained for. Jobs like service techs, med techs and yeoman duties; it’s nothing special in that, I assure you.”

“I see,” she said. “A very interesting proposition if I had ever heard one”.

“Well Captain, thank you for your time and your consideration in this matter,” she said as she stood up and came around my desk and picked up her PADD.

She then took me by surprise.

She leaned against the desk and looked down at me with an intense expression on her face; then leaned down, looked me in the eyes as if to be looking for something.

She then placed her right hand against my cheek and said; “I have a question for you Mr. Michael Thomas about being “married to one of the crew”, would that include you too, sir?”

I stammered, “I guess so, but aren’t you sort of out of my league?”

The smile came back on. “Thank you Mr. Thomas, and good day to you too, sir.”

She then picked up her briefcase and walked to the door.

I hurried to the door behind her and expressed how sorry I was I couldn’t help her out, and I how I hoped she would find what she was looking for.

She waved goodbye without turning back and got into her new Vulcan runabout.

Blazes, I thought, and she had a new car too and I didn’t even get an autograph.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Ms. Be’nen Tash was not only disappointed when she drove back to her hotel in Las Vegas, she was furious.

She had to make a special effort to put her emotions under control.

She needed to think more clearly and being half Romulan sometimes made that extremely difficult.

She didn’t expect to be completely rejected by that human Mr. Thomas. It just never happened to her before.

Her un-Vulcan like amiability and attractiveness to humans, especially the males, had always allowed her to achieve what she required in her professional and personal life.

It was a big blow to her ego.

Unlike a true Vulcan her emotions were closer to the surface, well hidden but subject to explosions.

She was about to have one now.

At her hotel where she stayed with her daughter, Staunn Tehk, she was in a slow boil and needed to talk.

“I can’t believe he rejected me Staunn, he said I was over qualified. An old retired Star Fleet Engineer, starting on a mission with a worn out ship, with no crew as yet and he reject me. It escapes even my logic.”

"What is he like", her daughter asked?

"He is around fifty I guess, according to the net he retired a few years ago, after twenty five years in Star Fleet."

"A Chief Warrant Officer no less, not even a fully commissioned officer."

"He was probably jealous of my out ranking him, humans are like that you know.”

“You didn’t sense he was attracted to you", asked Staunn?”

“Now that I can verify,” she answered. “He wasn’t just a little attracted; I think he pictured me naked."

"You know I told you how messy human males can be with their emotions”.

“Do you think he would like me too?”

"Yes, positively Staunn, but what are we going to do?"

"He said I was to overqualified to be acceptable, and I’m not married to a crewmember that would be qualified”.

“What did you say mother? Did I hear you right, that he would take you if you were married to a qualified crew member?”

“Yes. Are you suggesting I find a qualified crew member and marry him?"

"I don’t think we have enough time Staunn."

"That recall notice is back at my office in San Francisco, I know it."

"We can’t go back to Vulcan, Staunn; it’s not healthy for us, not now.”

“Not just any crew member mother; the boss, Mr. Thomas. We’ll seduce him, and then marry the man. He’s single isn’t he?"

“Divorced for three years I gather.”

“He’s a prime customer then mom."

"If you don’t want to, let me try; maybe I can try and use a little of my magic on him."

"Then when we get married I’ll tell him he has to take his mother-in-law, or I won’t be happy."

"People here on earth do it all the time.”

“Oh yea, Stauun, that settles your problem with Pon Farr, but what about me?"

"We’re both due now and it will be a three year mission we will be on”.

“Then we’ll both plan to marry him.”

“Are you sure you want to share, he is a human you know."

"He may not be up to a Vulcan let alone a half Ferengi like you.”

“What does he look like mother; he’s not in his dotage is he?”

“You can see his profile on the net if you want to, for a human he looks well set up.”

They both went over to their com terminal and looked up Mr. Michael Thomas, Retired Star Fleet Chief Warrant Officer.

“He looks okay to me mom, better than most that that old fart Admiral Broderick used to assign us.”

“Come to think of it maybe we can get the old fart to pull some strings for us. I figure he owes us.”

“If we get sent back to Vulcan we're done doing those little side jobs we were doing for him. What do you say mom, let’s do this?"

"We work together, marry this guy and ship off to Bajor and live happily ever after.”

“Okay Staunn if you can live with it, I can too."

"Just remember Dr. Tehk, our Mr. Thomas must come to no harm, I don’t want him dying from a heart attack trying to satisfy two females that are under the influence of Pon Farr.”

“Don’t worry mom, I know my business that’s what you paid for my medical education for isn’t it."

"Besides that mom I’m not getting any younger, maybe you can have children until you are a hundred years old, but I can’t.”

“Maybe with a little luck we can settle on Bajor and I can have a family; I’m ready mom.”

“Yes Staunn, I know well enough, you are always ready, and that’s always been a problem since you were fifteen.”

Staunn laughed a little, but didn’t comment.

“I’ll make that call to Admiral Broderick now and see where we can go from there”.
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