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Re: Classic monsters return (spoilers)

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It has an elongated cranium like a Draconian
It has an elongated cranium, but shaped very differently from a Draconian's elongated cranium. The Draconian cranium is egg-shaped with a small fanlike crest; this has a much larger, thicker crest. Also the orbital ridges are much more pronounced and angular, and there's no nose, ears, or beard.

it's reptilian like a Draconian
Maybe. I'm not sure of that. And there are plenty of reptilian aliens in the franchise.

it's the same color as a Draconian
Not really. It's a dull dark brown, while Draconians were more of a golden-brown on top with greenish-brown scales on the sides of the head.

and it's wearing the same kind of clothes as a Draconian.
Broadly similar.

It may be a different species, but this looks more like a Draconian than the new Silurians look like the old Silurians.
Maybe. But on the other hand, the modern Daleks and Ice Warriors look very much like their original selves. Also, the Silurian design was changed to look more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. The original Draconian design looked fine by modern makeup standards, so there wouldn't be as much incentive to update it -- particularly to make it scarier and more monstrous like this character, since Draconians were painted in a fairly positive light.

It's got enough rough similarities that it might be a revisionist Draconian, but enough differences that we can't assume that's the case. I'm putting it firmly in the "too early to tell" column. I don't like jumping to conclusions. There's nothing wrong with just saying "I don't know yet" and waiting patiently to find out.
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